About Your County CEL

OverviewAbout Us The Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) is funded by the following agencies: Casa de Amparo, Chicano Federation, Child Development Associates, Inc., Easter Seals Southern California-Leucadia, Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc. and the YMCA Childcare Resource Service. Our local San Diego County CEL is here to support families in need of help paying for child care. In San Diego County, the YMCA Childcare Resource Service administers the CEL.

  • The San Diego¬†County CEL¬†allows subsidized child development agencies to find children that are eligible for their programs.
  • The term "eligibility" is used because families are ranked by eligibility factors such as income, family size and need.


San Diego County CEL enables families to have access to programs for which they qualify by submitting one application to the San Diego County CEL.

  • Families can also apply at any of the participating child development providers, expanding their opportunity to access subsidized care.
  • Agencies can potentially pull from a wider net of eligible families allowing their programs to remain funded and fully enrolled.

How CEL is Administered

  • Collects family/child application data
  • Maintains eligibility lists of applying families/children according to state eligibility rules for State contracted programs
  • Maintains contact information for participating child development programs