Maximum Income Levels



The need for subsidized child care assistance far exceeds the availability of program spaces in the county.

Most programs will not have immediate openings, and in order to be considered for a future opening, you'll need to be placed on the San Diego County CEL.

A few programs in our community have been allowed by CDD rules to continue keeping their individual eligibility (waiting) lists. If these programs are not able to serve families, they are required by CDD rules to refer them to the CEL. However, when the programs enroll, they do not need to take families off of the CEL. The programs that still maintain their own lists are:
            • Campus child care programs 
            • Part-year programs for children of Migrant families
Also, programs that are not funded through CDD (such as Head Start and ASES and 21st Century programs for school age children) also keep individual lists and enrollment processes.
If any of these programs might meet your family’s need for child care, you should call them directly about their lists, as well as having your information placed on the CEL so you can be considered for openings in other programs. For more information call the R&R Department at (800) 481-2151.
Mom and Daughter on SlidePlease understand that there are several children waiting on the San Diego County CEL. You are placed on this list based on your gross income (before taxes) and the number of individuals in your family.

Unfortunately, the CEL is unable to guarantee participating families subsidized child care, but CEL staff will continue to work with the families to make sure that they have every opportunity to receive a child care subsidy.  The number of existing programs and the amount of funding limit the service to strictly limited number of applying families.  When funds become available, families with the greatest financial need are served first and may be enrolled ahead of families who have been on the list for a longer period of time.  I understand my family's eligibility will be based upon information given here and that documentation will be required prior to enrollment.

Maximum Income Levels for Subsidized Care
(Please click on your family's gross Monthly Income
 for the number of people in your family)

$5,889 or less $6,511 or less $7,441 or less $8,632 or less $9,823 or less $10,046 or less $10,269 or less
1 or 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


​A family of four earning $6,720 a month qualifies for state preschool while a family of two earning $5,344 a month does not qualify. The family has a greater opportunity of subsidized child care when their family size is greater and their income is lower than other families.