State Regulations

Girl with GlobeThe California Department of Education (CDE) Vision
The CDE vision is, "to create a dynamic, world-class education system that equips all students with the knowledge and skills to excel in college and careers, and excel as parents and citizens.”

The CDE, Child Development Division (CDD)
Provides leadership and support to contractors and the child development community, ensuring high quality early education programs are provided to children ages birth to 13 years. Many child care centers and most voucher-style programs in our county are subsidized through CDD.

California continues to promote a positive child and family focused philosophy. Services to low-income families remains a priority, and state program goals demand that high-quality child development programs and services be made available. For additional information about California Department of Education visit: California Department of Education

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Child Care and Development
Most of the funding for child care subsidies in San Diego County comes through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division (CDD). Some of this funding is contracted to child care centers and family child care home networks to support spaces in their programs for children whose families meet the eligibility and need requirements. In addition to meeting a high standard for the care provided to enrolled children, these programs also are required to provide meals and snacks to children, parent education, referrals to health and social services for families, and staff development opportunities to employees.

A somewhat larger amount of funding from CDD is contracted for voucher-style funding of child care slots, called Alternative Payment Programs (APP). In such programs, participating parents make choices among different types of providers ranging from licensed centers to friends or family members, selecting the care situation most appropriate for their child and family. These AP Programs also are required to provide referrals to health and social service and various other services to participating families, to the community and to their agency employees.

Each type of funding includes different requirements for standards that must be met by participating child care providers and eligibility rules to determine which families may receive the funding or use the available child care spaces.